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Spring 2001 (Volume 39 Issue 1)

  • p.4 “’Ore by '54:’ Flying with Hollinger Ungava Transport” by W. McIntosh
  • p.14 “Stearne Tighe Edwards: Ace of Naval Nine” by H.A. Halliday
  • p.20 “Recovering the ‘Cagney Norseman: ‘” CF-AYO” by R Mauro
  • p.29 “Messerschmitt Me 262s in Canada” by W. Wheeler


Summer 2001 (Volume 39 Issue 2)

  • p.44 “1960: Flying with Lamb Airways; A Year of Northern Operations” by J Lamb
  • p.52 “A Lib Called ‘Basterpiece’" by R Crone
  • p.56 “The Last Stranny: Stranraer RCAF 920/CF-BXO” by A Simpson
  • p.60 “Cold Weather Navy” by Leo Pettipas


Fall 2001 (Volume 39 Issue 3)

  • p.84 “Mosquito PR Pilot Over Burma” by J.H. Winship and N. Malayney
  • p.94 “The Life of a Bush Pilot:  Douglas S. (Doug) Pickering” by R. Pickering
  • p.104 “Foss Lake Diary:  Recovering a Piece of Canadian Aviation History” by M.L. McIntyre
  • p.112 “A/C L.J. (Len) Birchall:  Hall of Fame Induction Acceptance Speech” by L.J. Birchall
  • p.113 “LGen W.K. (Bill) Carr:  Hall of Fame Induction Acceptance Speech” by W.K. Carr


Winter 2001 (Volume 39 Issue 4)

  • p.122 “Getting the Picture:  Flying Alone and Unarmed Over Hostile Territory” by Bill Carr
  • p.132 “Fokker Universal G-CAHE:  The Story and Disposition of An Historic Aircraft” by Clark Seaborn
  • p.136 “Convention 2001:  Clear Skies and Aviation History” by Gord McNulty
  • p.142 “Canada’s Twin Pins:  The Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer on Northern Ops” by Dirk Spencer
  • p.150 “Cold War Capers:  Flying with the RCAF NATO Air Division” by Ken Hagarty