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Spring 2003 (Volume 41 Issue 1)

  • p.4 “A Career in Aviation, Breaking Fresh Ground for Women” by P. Fitz Gerald
  • p.12” Russ Norman, A Lifetime Dedicated to Homebuilding” by Gord McNulty
  • p.20 “Some Austin Airways Aircraft, A Selection of Rare Photographs” by E. Ruddick
  • p.22 “Forced Down in Labrador, A Grueling Northern Experience” by F.W. Bone
  • p.32 “Alfred John (Fred) Shortt, Tribute to a Respected Friend” by B.J. Griffiths


Summer 2003 (Volume 41 Issue 2)

  • p.34 “Elmer Ruddick, Four Decades of Bush Flying” by William J. Wheeler
  • p.44 “An OPAS Legend Tells His Story” by G.H. R. Phillips
  • p.56 “The Master Class, The Miles Master, an All-wood Advanced Trainer” by D.W. Godfrey
  • p.60 “PPO Training at Camp Borden” by P.F. Hayes
  • p.62 “A Provisional Pilot Officer at Camp Borden in 1931” by William J. Wheeler
  • p.64 “From Britain to Canada, An RAF Flying School in Canada” by Hugh A. Halliday
  • p.71 “Janusz ‘Zura’ Zurakowski” by William (Bill) Zuk


Fall 2003 (Volume 41 Issue 3)

  • p.83 “The Manitoba Goodwill Air Tour, 1932” by Ray H. Crone
  • p.92 “The Mosquito F-8 in American Service” by Norman Malayney
  • p.104 “An OPAS Legend Tells His Story (conclusion)” byG.H. R. Phillips
  • p.110 “Wellington Disinterment” by J. Rouwenhorst
  • p.114 “Comments on ‘The Mosquito F-8 in American Service’” by George Stewart


Winter 2003 (Volume 41 Issue 4)

  • p.124 “Leading from the Front, A Squadron Commander’s Story” by W.H. Swetman, DSO, DFC
  • p.134 “The Many Lives of a Tin Goose” by Clark G. Seaborn
  • p.138 “CAHS Convention ’03, Our Society’s 40th Convention and AGM” by Gord McNulty
  • p.146 “Bill Longhurst Remembered” by D. W. Godfrey
  • p.151 “A Graphic Perspective, Learning to Fly in the BCATP” by Dr. Robin Higham