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Spring 2008 (Volume 46 Issue 1)

  • p.4 “The Travel Air 6000 In Canada” by Bruce W. Gowans
  • p.14 “George McCullagh’s Aeroplanes” by Patrick Fitz Gerald
  • p.20 “Beavers Galore – Photos” by various credits
  • p.23 “How Casual It All Was” by Jack Meadows
  • p.26 “Father Thibeault’s Forgotten Air Service” by Pierre Thiffault


Summer 2008 (Volume 46 Issue 2)

  • p.44 “Those Fabulous TCA Super Connies” by Peter F. Marshall
  • p.56 “Experiences In The Bush: An Air Engineer Remembers” by Larry Carroll
  • p.64 “Death Of A Giant: Destruction Of The Blohm & Voss BV 238-V1” by James A. Schauer
  • p.74 “Prime Minster Trudeau’s Preferred Transport” by Gordon McNulty


Fall 2008 (Volume 46 Issue 3)

  • p.84 “Allied Night Fighting Techniques During The Second World War “ by Jack W. Meadows
  • p.92 “The Life And Times Of Travel Air CF-AEJ” by Bruce W. Gowans
  • p.104 “The Red Knight: The RCAF/CAF’s Solo Aerobatic Display Aircraft” by John Corrigan
  • p.112 “On The Trail Of A D.F.W. CV” by George A. Fuller
  • p.113 “Final Flight: Maurice C.W. (Moe) Grant” by Bob Cameron


Winter 2008 (Volume 46 Issue 4)

  • p.124 “Relief Landing Fields: Little Known BCATP Feature” by John Higenbottom
  • p.132 “Recollections Of A Radio Operator” by Bert Huneault
  • p.140 “Aircraft Seen At CAHS Convention ’08 – Photos” by various credits
  • p.142 “CAHS Convention ‘08” by Gordon McNulty
  • p.152 “John Alexander Griffin 1922-2008” by Bill Wheeler with Pat Griffin