Buffalo Airways:

Darrell Knight

Diamonds, DC-3s, and “Buffalo Joe” McBryan

If you’re a fan of Ice Pilots, NWT you won’t want to miss this one! Be prepared to sit on the edge of your seas as former Buffalo Airways flight crew member takes you through stories and photos of flying in Canada’s north.

Hear how the young pilots and aircraft engineers brave minus forty degree temperatures, engine failures and seemingly-impossible demands from expeditors and the airline's owner to bring food, fuel and freight from civilization to remote, isolated settlements high above the Arctic circle in lovingly-restored vintage aircraft.

“Doc” Knight was in the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve for seven years and held a pilot’s license for 23 years, ending his active flying career with Buffalo Airways. His passion for all things military and aviation has led him to write numerous articles for Canadian newspapers and several books, including: Pete Knight: the Cowboy King; Buffalo Airways - Diamonds, DC-3s and “Buffalo Joe” McBryan; and Artillery Flyers at War: A History of the 664, 665 and 666 Air Observation Post Squadrons of the Royal Canadian Air Force. He also edited a new edition of Major Horace Singer’s History of the 31st Battalion C.E.F. originally published in 1938. He is currently working on a history of the 403 "City of Calgary" Auxiliary RCAF Squadron (1948-1964).