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Allan Botting Allan Botting

Allan Botting has spent all his working life in Mechanical Engineering and always had an interest in aviation. Now retired and residing in Victoria, British Columbia, painting is his hobby. Some paintings are on display in aviation museums in Canada and private collections. His goal is to paint Canadian aircraft subjects as realistically as possible.

What is your artistic background ?
My early training was in mechanical draughting. I had little formal art experience – mostly done by trial and error.

Why do you like to paint aircraft?
I have always had an interest in aviation, drawings, photos, reading about and attending many airshows and museums.

What is your connection to aviation?
My father was in the airforce, then had many years with Canadian Pacific Airlines. I took flying lessons and then flew an ultralight aircraft followed by a vintage Piper PA-17 Vagabond for years.

How do you choose a subject?
I invariably choose a Canadian aircraft that interests me, because of its history or some other appealing reason, or because someone commisions a painting of a particular aircraft.

What are your favourite media to work with?
Now I prefer to work with Golden Open Acrylic paints on hardboard.