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Help Wanted

A new CAHS member requires some information as follows…”I consider the JN-4 as built in Toronto the best training machine in existence” – Charles Lindbergh CANADIAN AEROPLANES LIMITED – That was the name of a company in Toronto from December 1916 to the end of WWI. There were more than 2,000 workers and they had manufactured more than 2,500 JN-4 Canuck airplanes – the basic trainer on which 95% of pilots in North America had learned to fly at that time. Yes, it was right here, in Toronto – on Dufferin and Dupont Street. We are looking for any information regarding the operations of the company, pictures, shared memories, uniforms, tools, names of employees, bits and pieces from the airplanes – anything and everything CANADIAN AEROPLANES LIMITED. It is time to resurrect the name – 100 years in 2016. Please contact Peter Petrov – and (416)789-5858. Thank you!