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Becoming a Museum of Flight

the hangar flight museumA museum of flight involves much more than showcasing our amazing history, it means embracing all forms of flight and helping our visitors learn and explore the history, the art and the science of flight. The Aero Space Museum of Calgary rebranded to The Hangar Flight Museum on November 4th, 2016. This change occurred to reflect the new vision: to inspire dreams of flight! We want our visitors to explore the history and technology of flight like never before. Surrounded by machines and stories that inspire their imagination, visitors will learn of remarkable courage and innovation. Guided by the expertise of our dynamic volunteers, students will engage in hands-on activities and explore the technology and aircraft that helped shape Canada’s future. Visitors will learn inspiring stories of men and women who believed in the impossible and dared to soar above their limitations. Whether it’s a butterfly, a bumblebee or a bomber, we are evolving into a museum of flight so our visitors can explore all aspects of flight. The Hangar Flight Museum is located on the southern tip of the Calgary Airport, at the corner of McCall Way and McKnight Boulevard. You can also visit us online at