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Masters of the Air: The Great War Pilots –
McLeod, McKeever, and MacLaren

MastersoftheAir 540xAuthor Roger Gunn has kindly arranged with his publisher, Dundurn, for us to be able to sell his book at a discount as a fund-raiser for the CAHS.

The publisher's retail price is $24.99 plus GST (plus shipping if purchased online).

We are offering this book for $21.00 (GST included) plus $17.00 shipping per copy in Canada.

Last Chance to Order - This limited time offer ends 20 November.

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Alan McLeod, Andrew McKeever and Donald MacLaren were daring and talented pilots. Although decidedly different from one another - in personality, in the planes they flew, and in their contribution to the war effort – they shared a passion for flying and a strong sense of duty. One hundred years after they flew and fought for king and country, author Roger Gunn brings these three men to life in Masters of the Air, detailing their development as pilots, their battles in the air, and their near-death experiences.