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2014 merch banner

The CAHS is offering a variety of merchandise for purchase. The CAHS has once again partnered with talented Canadian aviation artists to produce a stunning full colour 2015 calendar. Other items for sale include polo shirts, t-shirts, baseball caps, mugs, and mouse pads, all featuring the distinctive CAHS logo.

Merchandise details are presented below in the order form that can be downloaded. Orders picked up at the CAHS Convention in Regina in June will be free of shipping charges. For those unable to attend the Convention, shipments will commence after the Convention. Payments can be made by cheque, credit card, or Paypal. To learn more about the gifted artists involved, click here.

 To view the CAHS Convention merchandise that is available, please click on the image below or click here to download a PDF order form.

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50 anniversary images

The CAHS has partnered with talented Canadian aviation artists to produce a stunning full-colour 2014 calendar as well as a set of greeting cards featuring the sketches of illustrator Bill Wheeler. To learn more about the gifted artists involved, click here. Other items for sale include polo shirts, t-shirts, baseball caps, mugs, and mouse pads, all featuring the CAHS 50th Anniversary logo.

Please Note: items ordered after August 15 will not arrive in time for pick up at the convention but will be ordered after the convention and shipped later in the fall in time for holiday gift-giving.

Prices do not include shipping - exact shipment costs will be added to the prices in mid-September.

 To view the CAHS 50th Anniversary items that are available, please click on the image below.

cahs 50th merchandise

 To download a PDF order form, please click here.

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specedTo  view a particular issue, click on the link.


The CAHS Journal is published four times a year and strives to include content representing all aspects of Canadian aviation history.

We welcome content both from CAHS members and people outside the society who want to be published in Canada’s most prestigious aviation history periodical.

At this time we unfortunately cannot offer payment for articles, photos, and stories.

What We Are Looking For

  • Feature-length articles (up to 6,500 words)
  • Shorter articles (1,700 words to 3,000 words)
  • Canadian aviation history book, film, and other media reviews
  • Profiles of important Canadian aviation figures and aircraft
  • Pictorial features based on photography, art, or other historical imagery
  • Articles that mark the anniversary of an important aviation history event*
  • Articles that offer a new interpretation or newly-discovered information on significant events and people

Please Note: Queries for time-sensitive articles (such as ones that mark an anniversary) must be submitted at least 6 months before that date so the editor can work it into the editorial calendar

Submitting Your Work for Publication

Please do not submit unsolicited original material, manuscripts or research. We cannot be responsible for their return.


  • Become familiar with the Journal by reading recent back issues
  • Discuss your idea with the CAHS Journal editor by emailing a short query. We will make every effort to personally respond to your queries.
  • If your idea is accepted, you and the editor will agree upon a deadline for a first draft
  • The editor will do an initial check of the article and may discuss possible revisions with you
  • You and the editor will discuss photo and other illustrative submissions for resolution, formatting, method of delivery, etc.
  • The article may go to CAHS fact-checkers for peer review
  • You and the editor may approve a final draft of the story (if required)
  • You will be asked to submit a short biographical note that will identify your expertise to readers
  • You will need to sign a CAHS permission form agreeing to publication and distribution of the work


General Guidelines

  • Texts should be in Canadian English and double-spaced
  • For research-based pieces, we require proper citing of sources. Please follow the Chicago Style Manual and use footnotes instead of endnotes.
  • Submissions must be made in digital form by e-mail. Please use word-processing software such as Microsoft Word (Macintosh or Windows), WordPerfect (Windows), or Pages (Macintosh). Please save text files as .doc and not .docx.
  • If you are submitting a book review, please follow the format below and include a scanned image of the cover (300 dpi or better):
    Great Circles: The Keith Greenaway Story
    By Kathy Berquist
    Hardcover with laminated dust jacket
    315 pp. 5.75 x 8.75 inches, $20.00
    ArtBookbindery, Ottawa, ON, 2008, ISBN 978-0-xxxxxxxx

What to Include In Your Query

When proposing a story idea, you should submit:

  • A brief outline and synopsis of your idea
  • A list of sources you expect to use
  • Proposed length and type of article
  • A short note about previous writing experience and any special qualifications you bring to your subject
  • Suggestions for, or examples of, illustrative material (photos, drawings, artwork, etc.)




Aviation Heritage and History

-Historical Aviation Organizations
-General Aviation History

Research Resources

-Aircraft Databases

Aviation Today

-Current Air Forces
-Government Departments

Recreational Clubs and Associations

-Aviation Related Associations




The CAHS boasts a diverse and accomplished membership from across Canada and the world.

Many of our members have significant expertise through years of research or life experience, and would be happy to speak to your class or organization; be interviewed by the media; or help point you in the right direction for historical resources.

Please use the alphabetical listing below to browse our member profiles or contact us to find someone in your region or area of interest.

If you’re a CAHS member and would like to be added to this listing, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us or more information.


The CAHS has been involved in printing and distributing several publications

  • John Ellis’s two-part Canadian Civil Aircraft Register, which lists registrations G-CAAA to G-CAXP (1920–28) and CF-AAA to CF-TCS (1929-1945) is currently out of print.  However, these invaluable records are currently being digitized by CAHS members and will soon be re-released. Watch this space and your inboxes for more details.

  • K.M. Molson’s The First 500 Canadian Civil Pilots (15 pp. over 25 b&w photographs) is currently out of print, but photocopies are available for $5.00.


If you prefer to download and mail in your order form, please click here




The CAHS Journal, our society’s official publication, is produced four times per year. Not only is it a great resource for historians, but it’s great reading for aviation history buffs more generally!

Each issue is filled with well-researched articles, first-person accounts, profiles of important people and aircraft, and reviews of new aviation history books. It’s not all text, though: Throughout you will find rare and previously unpublished photos, maps, and other illustrations.

We had significant editorial turnover last year and it seems we have encountered more than our fair share of glitches the past few months. Rest assured we are working on getting back on schedule and will post Journal updates in this space.

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