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Spring 2009 (Volume 47 Issue 1)

  • p.6 “Engineered For Success” by Clayton Glenn
  • p.12 “Sketches From Gander” by Story Adapted from Wings: Log of the RCAF
  • p.16 “John Bogie: A Lifetime In Aviation” by Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail
  • p.24 “The Imperial Gift” by Hugh A. Halliday


Summer 2009 (Volume 47 Issue 2)

  • p.42 “Adventures in Procurement: Canada’s First-Generation Postwar Fighters” by J.E. (Jerry) Vernon
  • p.54 “Air Canada and the Supersonics, 1964-1972” by Clayton Glenn
  • p.58 “Robert McCowan, Aviation Pioneer And Entrepreneur” by Earle Ripley
  • p.64 “Big Yellow Birds” by Leo Pettipas


Fall 2009 (Volume 47 Issue 3)

  • p.78 “’What A Pity’ Westland Wapitis of No. 3 Squadron” by Fred H. Hitchins & Hugh Halliday
  • p.86 “Flying The RCAF Crane -  Narrative and Period Cartoons” by Robin Higham
  • p.90 “Auxiliary Pilot – A 1950’s ‘weekend warrior” in the Mustang’” by George Stewart
  • p.96 “A Cadet’s Life – A Prairie boy’s wartime experience as an Air Cadet” by Bill Cameron
  • p.103 “The Harvard Decade at 402 ‘City of Winnipeg’ Squadron” by Leo Pettipas


Winter 2009 (Volume 47 Issue 4)

  • p.116 “Photography of Air Commodore Gerald Gordon Diamond” by Hugh Halliday
  • p.122 “Pioneering in Maritime Air Transport” by Harold E. Wright
  • p.126 “CAHS Web Preview” by CAHS Communications Officer Bob Baglow
  • p.128 “Airing It Out – Life & Times of Floyd Carson” by Gord McNulty
  • p.136 “The Genesis of Quebec Regional Carrier Nordair” by Fernand Henley
  • p.138 “Canadian Pilot Flying Training for the Second World War” by Jack Meadows