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Peter Allen

Peter Allen received his Canadian Private Pilot's License on his seventeenth birthday and has gone on to accumulate over 2500 flying hours in more than 120 different aircraft types. He holds Canadian and American Commercial Pilot Licenses, endorsed for multi-engine land and seaplanes, as well as Canadian and American Glider Pilot Instructor Licenses.

He is a past Director of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum and Hamilton International Air Show, and he was the Executive Vice-President of the Canadian International Air Show. From 1985 to 1987, Peter served as National President of the CAHS, and he was the recipient of the society's "Mac McIntyre Research Award" for his article "The Remotest of Mistresses: The Franks Flying Suit" (CAHS Journal, Winter 1983).

A highly respected financial executive, Peter has lead the finance organizations of a broad range of Canadian private and public corporations, including Soundair Corporation (1987-1991); Merisel Canada (1991-1996); NAV Canada (1996-1998); Export Development Canada (1998-2008); Allen Vanguard Corporation (2008-2010); and BTI Systems (2010-Present).

Peter also serves as the Treasurer for Orbis (the flying eye hospital) in Canada. He is a Director with the Ottawa-based National Air Museum Society and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society in London, England. A Fellow of the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants, Peter has twice been nominated as Canada's CFO of the Year, and he was six times awarded the Auditor General of Canada's Award for Excellence in Annual Reporting.